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Epic Labs is an innovative online platform for getting and sharing specialised training materials. We can help you gain valuable knowledge or pass it on to others.

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kreator e-wiedzy

E-knowledge Creator

Create e-knowledge by making training materials in different forms and upload them on your profile.
Edit the broad base of e-knowledge together with other Users. Get the status of a reliable coach and start earning.

manager e-wiedzy

E-knowledge Manager

Manage, share and reproduce e-knowledge via the user-friendly interface. Position your input by publishing valuable content-related and quality training materials.



Let other Users rank the quality of the materials posted on your profile and do the same with their materials. Check the qualifications of coaches and let them assess you. Have an impact on both e-knowledge and personal rankings.



Let your personal coach support you throughout the education process. Together with you, he will choose your paths of development and make sure you improve your qualifications and gain new skills.

Choose your self-direction of development!

The learning process don’t have to end with the moment of graduation. Promoted in the European Union, idea “lifelong learning” is gaining more and more supporters deepening their knowledge and developing skills throughout life.


There is a wast range of courses, training and tutoring.


But they’re often not tailored to the individual needs and possibilities. They have rigid schedule of activities to be completed. That is why many people are looking for opportunities on the internet, giving greater freedom and flexibility. The disadvantage of this solution may be questionable quality unmoderated educational materials available online.


This problem is solved by EpicLabs – modern e-learning platform, where user can be sure that the files they use are of high quality, not only technically, but also substantive.


It is worth noting that the registration and use most of the resource is free. The website uses artificial intelligence module, which analyzed the behavior and user ratings verifies the competence and confers the rank of trainers. EpicLabs advantage is the vast variety of available files, both in terms of areas of knowledge and forms of its transmission – the traditional text files, audio, video, and other interactive content. Registration on also allows the use of e-coach, through which it is possible to create an individual development path for each user, tailored to their needs.


EpicLabs also gives opportunities to people who want to share their knowledge.


Register as a trainer allows to publish own trainings and courses, and to earn money on the highest quality, which are made available to users for a fee.
The project has been funded with support from the European Union under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy (Measure 8.1.): Support for economic activity in the field of electronic commerce.



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